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Microwave Point-to-Point Systems

Cyber Communications designs, engineers and installs a wide range of Microwave Communications Systems to support your video surveillance or public safety requirements.

Public Safety

Faced with increased responsibilities but restricted budgets, agencies like yours that protect our cities, borders, ports and infrastructure can still expand their intelligence networks by investing in efficient new communication technology.

Why Consider Microwave Links?

Cyber Communications Microwave Systems are engineered to provide reliability of 99.999% or better of system up-time.  Your public safety radio system no longer has to rely on the aging publicly switched local telephone network.  Cyber Communications will design a robust microwave network that will operate through the worst New England weather.  When severe storms take telephone poles down, your microwave transported circuits will still be there when you need them most.  Cyber Communications can design redundant microwave links for your most critical communication locations.
Be in total control of your communications system.  No longer wait for a critical radio circuit to be restored!

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